MSW Docking Manual

Mobile Soft Water Docking Water Softener Manual

MSW0918-MDOC-10S-F Manual Regenerated Softener with brine storage tank, including Brine Reclaim and the softener is designed of safe lead-free materials.

HydroTec's F-Style manually regenerated softener with salt storage, having a 10.0 Kilo-grain (10,000 grains capacity) Point-Of-Entry (POE) Mobile-Soft-WaterTM Conditioner 0.4 Cubic Foot Size. Conditions water of Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Lead, Radium and other Heavy Metals found in well and some municipal water. The MSW0918-MDOC-10S-F: requires 20-3/4-inch-wide, by 14-3/8-inch-deep by 26-1/4-inch-tall installation space. The connections are ¾” PVC threaded Male NPT in – out connections. The tank will be loaded with 0.4 cubic foot of highly charged high capacity water softening resin. This unit is capable of treating up to 5 gallons per minute of supply water with a 10 grain Total Hardness load to 0 soft conditions on a continuous base up to 1000 gallons of conditioned water. We are supplying all new equipment and components with a one year limited warranty on materials. 

The system is complete. Equipment description and related shipping information is as follows: 

        A. The softener vessel is an 9-inch diameter fiberglass reinforced plastic pressure vessels designed for 
                   150  psig operating pressure, 
        B. 10-3/8” diameter by 17-7/8” tall brine storage tank,
        C. The inlet connection is a ¾” PVC (lead free, NSF 61 Rated) male NPT piping connection, 
        D. The outlet is a ¾” PVC (lead free, NSF 61 Rated) male NPT piping connection, 
        E.  0.4 cubic feet of C-108 cation resin 8% cross link styrene softening resin is loaded into the tank, 
        F. The conditioner is placed into a shipping carton. And includes, 
        G. Installation, regeneration, storage and media replacement guidelines and instructions. 

        • The softener regenerates without electricity, it is mobile suitable to use in Recreational vehicles, 
        • It’s Easy to use, and, It is easy to regenerate, Lead Free USEPA Certified under NSF-61 materials,
        • Brine reclamation designed to increase softener salt use efficiency,
        • Soft water activates soaps to clean, 
        • Soft water reduces spotting on dishes and silverware, 
        • and, Soft water is less irritating to you skin making you cleaner and feel cleaner.

      A Brine reclaim diversion system can be connected to the brine tank to supply brine rich water to dissolve the fresh salt stored in the tank,  This option will supply two ball valves in the drain line, one to stop the flow to drain and the other to allow brine rich water back to the brine tank.

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