MSW Bath And Shower Accessory

Manual Mobile Water Softeners
For Your Bath 

These manual and mobile water softeners are for use in the bathroom or shower. We supply these softeners with the connections to hook up the standard thread size of the modern-day showerhead, in the United States, which is 1/2-inch NPT. 

Soap works because it breaks down the surface tension or the cohesion of the polar molecule H2O which are attracted to each other's positive to negative poles. Hardness prevents soap from achieving its goal of breaking the surface tensions between the H2O molecule and the Hardness combines with the soap to leave scum in your skin. That scum prevents the oils in your skin from acting naturally. When you use soft water to clean you free the oils on your skin to work naturally, that is why soft water feels slippery, it is allowing your skin's oils to work, they are not bound up with Hardness, so you are really clean when you feel the slippery skin sensation. 

The same results are present when you wash your hair in soft water. This is why your hair is shiny and squeaky when using soft water. 

Hand soaps made from a sodium salt of fatty acids. One end of the ionic chain will combine with water. The other end will combine with fats, oils, and other organic matter. When soap combines with hardness found in water a curd is created, thereby preventing the soap to clean. Sodium salt of fatty acid binds with the oils and dirt allowing the soap to work because . This is why soft water cleans better than hard water.

Viruses, like the coronavirus, and bacteria have lipids as a key component of their protective shell. Washing with soap permits the lipids in the soap to attach to the lipids on the virus's or bacteria's protective shell stripping off that shell thereby destroying the virus or bacteria. Softening your water allows fat (lipid) based soaps to be more effective. Included with the softener are instructions letting the owner know when to regenerate and how to regenerate, following those instructions and selecting the right soap is key to lessening the possibility of skin born infection. No method is foolproof; however, we know surgeons wash their hands to decrease the transfer of viruses and bacteria to their patients on the operating table, so washing with soap activated by softened water should increase your odds against infection.

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