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Mobile Sweet Water Point of Use Filtration

Mobile Sweet Water Chlorine and Taste & Order Removal Filters

These units are designed to be used in your vacation home, your Recreation Vehicle, in your cabin, your boat and where ever else your mobile life takes you.

Chlorine Cl2 is a primary disinfectant used to decontaminate water for human consumption since the early 1900s in the United States and other industrialized nations. The use of chlorine lead to the virtual elimination of waterborne diseases and a vest improved public health increasing the life span of all our citizens. Cl2 is extremely effective at killing pathogens and diseases, it is inexpensive, easy to control and monitor, as well as it easily maintains a residual level in the water distribution that continues protecting drinking water supplies from pathogenic bacteria and organisms. 

The most obvious problem with chlorine as a disinfectant is that it can leave an unpleasant taste or smell, it dries out your skin and hair, as well as it alters the taste of your drinks (tea and coffee!). Chlorine isn't a carcinogen and not considered hazardous or harmful in the amounts used in our water supply. However, chlorine is a strong disinfectant. Potential issues associated with using chlorine is that it will form disinfectant by-products (DBP). However, any type or form of chemical disinfectant used is going to have one form of DBP or another. This is all dependent on your specific water quality, methods of water treatment, and any number of other factors relevant to your area. Some of these DBPs are or are thought to be, carcinogenic, while others will not be at all. 

However, because chlorine is at strong disinfectant this chemical has side effects. The following link will take you to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) research paper site. Please examine for yourself. We are not a medical research institution, but a professional water treatment company.

This page depicts products that will remove Chlorine from your water at the Point of Entry of the Point of Use. By using them you can have your cake and eat it too. You will have safe water entering your home or office and Chlorine-free water to use in that home or office. 

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